Shoddy Background Checks Can Cost You a Job

CyberScout Newsletter | May 2012

Privacy Is Our Passion™

In this issue, we look at several tactics identity thieves use to intrude in your life. Payday loan scams, costly and complicated account takeovers, and shoddy background checks are new means crooks use to wreak havoc. We explain the tricks, how they work, and tips to keeping your identity—and your bank account—safe and secure. Your identity is a vault. We’ll help keep the burglars out.   

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Hold the Line: That Debt Collector
May Be a Crook  

Consumers are getting calls from criminals who pretend to be debt collectors, attorneys or law enforcement agents. The crooks demand repayment for payday loans consumers have never taken out or have already repaid. Find out how CyberScout helped one man regain his peace of mind. 

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Slideshow: How to Fight Shoddy Background Checks 

More employers are running background checks on potential hires. But a study shows that many of these reports are riddled with errors that can cost job seekers employment. Here’s what to do if this happens to you.

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Ask the Expert: Account Takeover Artists Can Steal Your Identity—and Redirect Your Money

Account takeover is a complicated and costly type of identity theft. Criminals can reroute phone lines, redirect sensitive financial documents and drain your bank and credit union accounts. Our expert explains what it is, how it works, and what you can do about it.

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Mom Fights to Recover $150,000 Rainy Day Fund 

A New England mom turned to CyberScout for help after thieves stole $150,000 from her family’s rainy day fund through a fast-growing crime: wire transfer fraud. Find out how we helped her recover the funds and restored her good credit.

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